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Wu Stem Cells Medical Center Statement and Disclaimer

We have treated many difficult to treat neurological diseases and disorders with a high degree of success and we attribute to our success to our unique stem cell therapy that has been developed on the basis of our deep knowledge regarding stem cell clinical technology. The core factor of this basis is the ability to control the implanted stem cells. We regard our stem cell treatment as highly individualized medicine, meaning the treatment protocols are subject to each single patient´´s conditions and reactions to the therapy, and because of this, the treatments and outcomes will vary.

Unlike with the case of traditional medicine, the main goals of stem cell treatment are to slow down or even reverse the processes of the neurological disease and to alleviate the symptoms. Stem cell treatment is currently not a cure for neurodegenerative diseases. It is also important to understand that just like with traditional medicine, stem cell therapy does not work for all patients, and has various levels of success. Although we do provide our patients with an accurate prediction for the treatment outcome which is based on our extensive scientific and clinical research experience accumulated within the past 10 years, the stem cell therapy and procedures do not have a guarantee for success for every individual patient who undergoes the treatment.

Based on each patient´´s current health situation and/or unforeseen health risks, the medical staff can always, in the best interest of the health of the individual patient, cancel the stem cell treatment at our center.


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