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Journal of Clinical Rehabilitative Tissue Engineering Research October 1, 2009 Vol.13, No.40 Wu Li-ke, Wang Xiao-juan, Chu Sai-chun, Xu Bao-lei, Cheng Bo Wu Stem Cells Medical Center, Beijing 100070 China Abstract OBJECTIVE: To observe the curative e

Journal Of Clinical Rehabilitation Tissue Engineering Research November 5,2009 Vol.13,No.45 Wu Like, Wang Xiaojuan,Xu Baolei, Liu Shuangshuang,Chu Saichun,Cheng Bo Beijing Wu Stem Cells Medical Center, Beijing China 100070 Abstract OBJECTIVE: To obse

Chinese Journal of Cell Biology June, 2004 Vol.26 No.3 The comparision of organotypic culture spinal cord and internal spinal cord Li Chun Yan, Wang Xiaojuan Read more: en/upfiles/pdf/The_comparision_of_organotypic_culture_spinal_cord_and_internal_sp

Journal of Brain and Nervous Diseases 1997,Vol 5, No 5 The old arterial sclerosing huntington's disease in 2 patients Wu Like, Wang Xiaojuan Read more: /en/upfiles/pdf/The_old_arterial_sclerosing_huntington's_disease_in_2_patients.PDF

Beijing Medical Journal 2005 Vol.27 No.3 Wang Xiaojuan, Song Xueqin, Wang Liqin,et al Abstract Objective To develop a method of organotypic culture of spinal cord slice and to establish ways to different ventral a-motor neuron and dosal intereuron. M

Journal of Brain and Nervous Diseases 2003,Vol 13, No 2 The therapy progress of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Wang Xiaojuan; Xiao Xiangjian Read more: en/upfiles/pdf/The_therapy_progress_of_Amyotrophic_Lateral_Sclerosis.PDF

Chinese journal of cell biology 2004,26:635-639 The construction of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis spinal cord model Liu Weigang; Wang Xiaojuan; Xiao Xiangjian Read more: en/upfiles/pdf/The_construction_of_amyotrophic_lateral_sclerosis_spinal_cord_mo

Acta Biologiae Experimentalis sinica Vol.38,No.2 April 2005 The influnce of glutamic acid transfer inhibitor to organotypic culture spinal cord Xiao Xiangjian; Wang Xiaojuan; Wang Liqin Read more: en/upfiles/pdf/The_influnce_of_glutamic_acid_transfer

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