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Name : Cornelius Koch Sex : Male Country : Germany Age : 65 Diagnosis : Chorea disease Admission Date : October 8, 2012 Days Admitted to Hospital : 26 days Before treatment: The patient suffered from a balance disorder without obvious reasons 16 ye

Name : Muhard Sex : Male Country : India Age : 32 years Diagnosis : Huntington disease Admission Date: 2013-07-14 Days Admitted to the Hospital : 26 Before treatment: The patient suffered from involuntary muscle twitching and transient twitching in

Name: Santino Ramon Azulay Masud Sex: Male Country: Argentina Age: 6 years Diagnoses: Cerebral palsy Admission Date: 2013-05-20 Days Admitted to the Hospital: 29 Medical History: The patient was born full-term and had no abnormalities when he was bor

Name : Chrystabel Chipulu Sex : Female Country : Zambia Age : 23 Diagnosis : Cerebral palsy and Chorea Admission Date : 2013-03-26 Days Admitted to Hospital: 25 days Before treatment: Chrystabel Chipulu was born when her mother was 34 weeks p

Name: Annie Gifford Sex: Female Country: Australia Age: 60 Diagnosis: Huntington's disease Beginning of treatment: Jun 11, 2008 Medical history before stem cell treatment: Annie experienced a string of unfortunate events leading up to her coming to C

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