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Neural Stem Cell Therapy Center

Author Admin Views Posted at 2013/12/29

The Neural Cell Therapy Center is composed by the Neurology Department, the Rehabilitation Center and the Neural Stem Cell Gene Therapy Research Center. It is divided into several treatment areas: Cerebrovascular disease area, interventional neurology area, compositive disease area, Rehabilitation Center and Neural Stem Cell Gene Therapy Research Center. We have a first level medical team with a complete hierarchical structure which includes many famous experts and professors, chief physicians with doctor and master degrees, professional technicians and therapists. We possess advanced diagnosis and treatment technology: cerebral angiography; intracranial artery angioplasty, autologous stem cell activation treatment and stem cell implantation treatment. We also have a professional neurological rehabilitation technique. The Biomedical Center can offer top-advanced treatment for neurological diseases such as Strokes, Parkinson Disease, MSA, MS, ALS, brain injury, spinal cord injury and many more. If necessary, we can provide specialist consultations for patients. Patient can receive systemic treatment.


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