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Huntington‘s Disease

Author Admin Views Posted at 2013/12/29

by Drs. Like Wu, Xiaojuan Wang and Bo Cheng

Huntington´s Disease (HD) is caused by a mutated HD gene, which contains many proteins copied by amino acids (glutamino). The normal HD protein contains 10 to 25 pieces of glutamino sequences. However, if there are more than 36 pieces of gultamino in HD protein, the shape of the protein will change, and the newly-changed protein will form a huge cluster in the neurons. This will kill the cells in the brain striatum, which will result in a loss of coordination and dementia.

In recent years, the WSCMC has found through research that if the HD protein changes in the condition of the joint forces of energized amino acids toxicity, then there will be an accumulation of abnormal protein and an a-synuclein abnormal phosphorylation, which consequently causes a disorder in the structure and function of the cells. The WSCMC also discovered that neural stem cells can secrete a kind of histone protein and super family product, including HATs, which can activate the animals pattern of genes and reduce the accumulation of paraprotein in the nerve corpuscles during animal experimentation. Meanwhile, the organelle and secretion function in neuron-differentiated from neural stem cells, without any problems in the genes, can deal with the issues caused by excitatory amino acid and free radical injuries.

The WSCMC has observed 16 patients suffering from HD after they received the medical treatment of brain cell transplantation therapy. It was found that 13 of them kept a stable condition during a period of five years after the treatment. During animal experimentation, it was also found that fragmentary in terms of production and protein with incomplete functions are connected to the paresthesia of an a-synuclein and the number of inclusion bodies; both of them cause brain cells to die. Neural stem cells can divide into neurons with drug control. With the effect of drug, the neurons will also consume the excess monoamines neurotransmitter, which can protect HD patients nervous system, improve their quality of life, and extend their days to live. In a word, the stem cell therapy is a new kind of treatment method.

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